Tricks for Getting Laundry Done in a Wheelchair

18 July 2017
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When you are disabled, there are some chores that can be very difficult to complete without help. A common chore that can require a lot of effort is doing the laundry. If this is something you are struggling with, it is recommended that you look for changes you can make to your routine to make it more effective. 

Use Dog-Friendly Washer And Dryers

If you have a service dog, one option is to purchase a washing machine and dryer that is designed specifically for the use of service animals. These dryers can be activated with the push of a paw after clothing has been placed in the washer and dryer. Then you simply need to have your dog trained.

Place Laundry On The Main Floor

Make sure that the laundry area is on the main floor. Look for closets where a washer and dryer might fit. Simply make sure that the washer and dryer is vented to carry the exhaust outside. Washers and dryers are stackable and come in smaller sizes now. You may find it difficult to place clothing in the upper washer/dryer, but an extendable reacher can make the task easier.

Use A Wheeled Hamper

Carrying a laundry basket can be very difficult from a wheelchair. It is better to use a wheeled hamper, especially if your laundry room is on the main floor. Have one hamper for clean laundry and another for dirty laundry.

Install A Laundry Chute

If your laundry is in the basement, look into installing a laundry chute where your clothes can be tossed down. If this is not possible, another option is to just place a hamper at the bottom of the stairs and try to toss your clothing into the hamper or at least down the stairs. 

Use Front-Loading Washers And Dryers

It is best to use a front-loading washing machine. These are easier for everyone to use and they also use less water. With a top loading washing machine, you must lift the lid and lift your laundry items higher in order for them to be placed in the washing machine. It is even more difficult to retrieve these items.

Hire Professionals

The best option is to hire home care assistance to handle tasks like the laundry for you. You may enjoy feeling independent, but you will be less likely to injure yourself and will be less tired if a home care assistance worker can help with daily chores such as doing the laundry.