Choosing An In-Home Care Provider: Four Things To Consider

28 December 2017
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If you or your loved one is in need of in-home care, you may be wondering how to go about finding the right person for the job. As you look for home care providers, it's a good idea to know what criteria the agency and its workers should meet. Here is a guide to help you find the right caregiver for you or your loved one. Consistent Caregiver Access Having a consistent caregiver can be important to some people, particularly those with dementia or who are not able to adapt to change. Read More 

Hire An Overnight Caregiver To Assist An Aged Family Member

6 December 2017
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For those who are aged and may not be in the best of health, overnight can be a challenging time. If you have a family member in this situation and you find that you're frequently getting called in the night to care for him or her — and spending many nights with little to no sleep in the process — hiring an in-home caregiver is a smart move. While caregivers can do everything from visit for short periods to stay with their patients around the clock, you may wish to have a caregiver arrive at dinnertime and depart again after breakfast, provided that your family member can manage things satisfactorily during the day. Read More 

Did Your Aging Parent Sustain An Injury That Required Surgery? 3 Things To Do Before Your Loved One Comes Home From The Hospital

5 October 2017
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It is frightening to hear that your elderly loved one was hurt bad enough that their injury required surgical repair. Yet, you are also looking forward to having them back at home where they feel the most comfortable. While you wait for their hospital discharge time, use the available free minutes to make sure that your loved one has everything they need in place at home for a successful recovery. Read More 

How A Physical Therapist Can Help You Recover From Hip Surgery At Home

2 August 2017
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When you have hip surgery, you'll have to leave the hospital before you've fully recovered unless you have some other medical condition. You'll need to go to a rehab center in a nursing home, or if you're in good physical health, your doctor may let you go home to recover. You'll have physical therapy initially in the hospital to make sure you can stand and transfer to a chair safely. You don't want to stay in bed for days because that will prolong your recovery and put you at risk for a blood clot. Read More 

Hire Home Care For A Loved One If You Need Respite In These Circumstances

28 July 2017
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Having an elderly parent who requires your care can require a significant investment of your time. Whether your parent lives alone and can't manage on his or her own or has moved in with you, you may find that the bulk of your spare time is devoted to your loved one's care. Occasionally, you'll need to take a break to avoid burnout — and that's where a home health care aide can help you. Read More