Hire An Overnight Caregiver To Assist An Aged Family Member

6 December 2017
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For those who are aged and may not be in the best of health, overnight can be a challenging time. If you have a family member in this situation and you find that you're frequently getting called in the night to care for him or her — and spending many nights with little to no sleep in the process — hiring an in-home caregiver is a smart move.

While caregivers can do everything from visit for short periods to stay with their patients around the clock, you may wish to have a caregiver arrive at dinnertime and depart again after breakfast, provided that your family member can manage things satisfactorily during the day. Here are some ways that in-home elder care services can help overnight.

Help With Bedtime Duties

For someone who is in some degree of poor health, getting prepared for bed can be arduous. A caregiver on the scene can help the person with bathing, as well as aid him or her in getting undressed and into pajamas. Brushing teeth, taking evening medication, removing hearing aids and cleaning them, and other similar duties are all things that will go easier when an overnight caregiver is present.

Presence To Help With Safety

Some people who live on their own feel uneasy at night, especially when living alone. You may find that your aged family member immediately feels safer knowing that the caregiver is present overnight. Whether there's a howling wind outside, an evening phone call or knock at the door, or just a random creak in the floor, your loved one won't have to worry about threats because he or she knows that the overnight caregiver is present.

Availability For Disorientation

Some aged people wake up in the middle of the night suffering from some manner of disorientation. It's possible that your loved one could forget where he or she is, and begin to walk around the house and fall down. Or, he or she could experience a high degree of anxiety upon being unaware of the surroundings. The overnight caregiver can quickly intervene and manage this situation.

Getting Ready For A New Day

It's easier on your aged loved one to have help getting up in the morning, and arranging for an overnight caregiver to be there saves you from having to rush over to help in this capacity before you go to work. The caregiver can help the patient get cleaned up and dressed, as well as provide breakfast for him or her before departing for the day.