Making Your Home Accessible After Accident Rehab

1 May 2018
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Whether you've been in a car accident or a workplace accident, coming home from rehabilitative therapy is a cause for celebration. However, the path toward complete recovery may not be over when you get home. If you still have some mobility issues, there are a few things you can do around the house to make each room easier to use. With the help of friends and family, consider installing or adding the following medical equipment to your home.

Rolling Kitchen Stools

Rolling kitchen stools made specifically for people with mobility issues can give you the freedom you need to begin preparing meals and doing light housework without having to stand for extended periods of time. These stools feature cushioned seats, stable bases, and rolling casters for comfort and mobility, and they can be found in an array of designs to fit your specific needs. Keep one at the ready in your kitchen so you can take a break when standing becomes too difficult, or put one to use on your porch for ease of movement as you enjoy fresh air outside.

Bed Grab Bars

Bed grab bars provide a way for you to get in and out of bed independently. These bars clamp down to your bed frame for stability, and they come in both handle shapes and guardrail designs. Choose a guardrail design if falling out of bed is still a concern after you come home, and use the handle option if you simply need a bit of assistance getting out of bed in the morning. Handle grab bars also come with optional accessories, such as tote bags to hold remote controls, smartphones, or medications for added convenience.

Slide-Over Bath Chairs

If getting in and out of the tub is still a challenge, a slide-over bath chair might be the perfect option. These chairs let you sit down on one side of the tub wall and simply slide over to the other. When positioned at the opposite end of the shower, they can be used easily without leaving a mess on the floor. You can also find bath and shower chairs in a wide range of other designs to meet your needs. Be sure to pair your chair with grab bars in the bathroom for added assistance getting in and out of the tub and walking on the slick tile floor. You can install long grab bar that runs along the length of your bathroom wall for continuous stability. 

Shop retailers like Lincoln Mobility for other types of medical equipment that can help as you finish recovering from an accident, and work toward literally getting back on your feet as quickly as possible.