Does Your Elderly Parent Have Progressing Alzheimer's And Your Other Parent Needs Help? Find An In-Home Option

22 September 2020
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Do you have an elderly parent trying to take care of your other elderly parent that is battling Alzheimer's? If so, get a home health care professional to stop by the house when needed to help with the medical care that is needed.

If you need someone to make sure that the Alzheimer's patient is getting their meds, their health is maintained, and other therapy is needed, a home health care option may be the best option. When searching for a professional, consider these details.

Agency Details

You want to talk with more than one home health care agency before deciding which is the best option for your parents. Ask questions about employee turnover, experience in the agency, and background checks and screenings. This way, you know who is coming into your parent's home and that it's someone who has had the proper background screenings.  

Medical Qualifications

You want to be sure that the person you are hiring to come into the home has the appropriate medical qualifications needed, especially if they are to take vitals and give medications. This means someone that has one of the following qualifications:

  • STNA
  • LPN
  • RN

It's important to know that your parent is getting the necessary medical care when someone is coming to help your other elderly parent. For someone with Alzheimer's, cognitive tests, games, and activities will be necessary.

Speech therapy is something often needed with Alzheimer's patients, along with strength building or maintenance for regular body movement. Ask the agency what programs they have for patients with these specific concerns and what training they do for memory loss and disorientation.

Cost and Insurance

You may need to have an appointment with your parent's general care physician so that they can give a referral or order for home health care. Talk with your parent's insurance company to see what they are willing to cover for what is needed. Then determine how many times a week you can afford to have the home health care professional come to the home.

If you know that one of your elderly parents can't take care of the one with Alzheimer's, and both parents' health is concerning because of all the work that needs to be done, it's time to get an Alzheimer's care professional in the home. This expert can do the bathing, therapy, medication check, and other details that your other parent may be struggling to keep up with.

You want to feel confident your parents are safe and cared for when you can't be around. Medical professionals with experience with Alzheimer's will be able to handle the mood swings, disorientation, and more. Interview agencies to find the best fit for their home.