Make Home Health Care Easier With These Home Modifications

8 December 2020
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Home modifications can make it safer to age at home. The changes you make now can allow yourself or your loved one to live at home, even with health issues that may arise.

In addition to physically modifying your home, it is also smart to invest in home health care. Home health care workers have experience with home modifications, and they can recommend different options that make your home safe for your loved one. These are some modifications you should consider.

Ensure One Entryway Has No Steps

Home health care professionals help your loved one in and out of the home when necessary, and you can make this easier by ensuring there is at least one way into the home and to your loved one's bedroom that does not involve steps. Ramp installation can be especially helpful for those who assist your loved one in and out of the house.

Add Lighting to Outdoor Walkways

You can add lighting to outdoor walkways to help your loved one and their aides get inside, even at night. This is especially important when doctor's appointments end later in the day and the time of year means that it gets dark very early.

Consider Anti-Scald Faucet Controls

While home health care professionals do their best to be available all the time, it can be difficult to monitor every time your loved one touches a faucet. Anti-scald controls can prevent burns that hurt your loved one and require home health care aides to act quickly.

Add Night Lights in Hallways

Adding night lights in hallways can also make life easier for everybody. Night lights help home health care aides to get to your loved one's room quickly, and they also help to prevent your loved one from falling and tripping if they do get up in the night.

Make Thermostats Easily Accessible

If your loved one needs to access the thermostat, make sure it is easy to reach. If they have to stand on something to reach it or go up the stairs, it can lead to injury. Home health care professionals can easily reach the thermostat, but you might consider getting a smart thermostat so that the home health care professionals or your loved one can operate the thermostat without having to get up.

Speak With Professionals About Home Health Care

Are you ready to make changes to your home that protect your loved one? This might involve getting a home health care professional involved. Call a professional today to help your loved one receive the care they need and stay safe as long as possible.