Three Signs An Elderly Person Requires 24 Hour Home Care

10 November 2021
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In some instances, an older person may prefer to enjoy their senior year in the comfort of their homes instead of enrolling in an elderly home or assisted living facility. Unfortunately, old age comes with various problems that might require a senior citizen to be monitored closely for 24-hours every day. In such an instance, you might need to hire a 24-hour home care service for such a person. 

Typically, a 24 hour home care service involves hiring a minimum of two or more caregivers to monitor the elderly person round the clock in shifts. Depending on the number of caregivers you can afford to hire, the caregivers can monitor the older adult and cater to their needs in 12-hour shifts if you opt for two caregivers or in 8-hour shifts when you opt for three caregivers. Thus, a 24-hour home care service ensures that at least one caregiver is attentive to all the older person's needs at every hour of the day or night.

With that said, here are three signs that an older adult may require 24 hour home care.

Frequent falls

Loss of balance in older people is common as their limbs grow weaker due to old age. As a result, it is common for elderly persons to fall and get injured when they try to move around the house or go to the bathroom independently. Sometimes, if there is no one around to assist older adults in moving around, they will encounter frequent falls, which can be dangerous because if they sustain head injuries, it could be fatal.

Thus, if your elderly loved one has reached a stage where their mobility is limited, it is a good idea to consider hiring a 24 hour home care service. With caregivers working around the clock in shifts, there will always be someone to assist the senior citizen in moving about or going to the bathroom. 

Thus, with at least one caregiver monitoring the older person at any given time of day or night and assisting them in moving about, the possibility of the older person falling and getting hurt or worse gets negated. Thus, in addition to providing round-the-clock assistance, hiring a 24-hour home care service also ensure the safety of your elderly loved one. 

Alzheimer's disease

One of the most common diseases that affect people in their old age is dementia which refers to a general deterioration in mental capabilities. However, dementia can occur in many forms, with the most common form of dementia being Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that affects a person's memory.

Sometimes, elderly persons with dementia tend to stroll off and lose their way, thus getting lost. Unfortunately, depending on how severe their Alzheimer's is, the senior citizen may not be in a position to provide contact details of a loved one or explain where they live. As a result, there have been cases where elderly persons with Alzheimer's disease have gotten lost for days because they wandered off into a new city or town and can't remember their loved one's contact information or much less where they live.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer's disease only gets worse as time progresses. Thus, when your elderly loved one gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it is advisable to hire a 24-hour home care service so that there is always a caregiver available to make sure the older person doesn't wander off during the day or night.  


In some unfortunate scenarios, an elderly loved one may become incapacitated, especially if they are suffering from a chronic disease. Typically, when an older person becomes incapacitated, they will require assistance in every aspect of their life. Thus, they require assistance in:

  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Changing their diapers
  • Taking medication
  • Monitoring their vitals

For such a person, 24-hour home care services are the only way to ensure that their needs and well-being are given maximum attention. For instance, if a dirty diaper gets left on too long, it can result in skin rashes, decubitus ulcers, and even a bladder infection. Thus, there needs to be a caregiver present at all times to check if the older person requires a diaper change.

Thus, if you have an elderly loved one who has become bedridden or unable to communicate their needs, a 24-hour home care service will ensure that they are well-taken care of throughout the day and night.  

For more information on 24 hour home care, contact a company near you.